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Here are the best apps to read the tarot available on Google Play!

Even if you are not a fan of astronomy and tarot, but for whim you are looking for an application to install on your Android smartphone and that will entertain you in predicting the future in love and money by reading the cards you are in the right place

In this article we will go to the discovery of the best apps in ascending order by number of downloads and by votes given by users on the store.

How to make tarot cards and read cards with Android apps

Card tarots and reading is the best apps to predict the future and get answers to your questions with an Android smartphone

Are you passionate about cartomancy? Do you like psychic readings (or getting read) the cards, in the tarot slang and you have an Android smartphone? There are options for psychic readingsavailable.


You are asking questions and would you like to find answers to very important and urgent questions anytime, anywhere? Well, now it’s possible! Install the Tarot app, think about the question to ask, select a card and read it freely. Very simple! Download the app for your Android smartphone and let the power of the Tarot guide you on the choice to be taken.


  • 3 ways of reading the art (past, present and future) to give you one.
  • Major Arcana with interpretations
  • Turn over the deck and draw for free readings
  • Reading with the interpretation of the cards you have chosen
  • Major Arcana for all forecasts
  • Share your cards
  • Multiple languages available:

English, Italian, Spanish, русский , Polski, Deutsch, Nederlands, العربية, 한국어, 日本人, 中国

Tarot Angelo

The Angel Tarot will help your intuition to make the right choice, test your mental skills and at the same time improve your communication with the angels through the formulation of questions or the request for help and assistance.

Every time you draw a card you will find an angel in your life and you will receive from this a message of love that will lead you to love yourself and to undertake more affectionate relationships with other people.

The words of the Angel will touch your heart in the depths. These cards will answer all your questions about yourself and others . When you choose an angelic card you will receive a direct message of angelic love and awaken your mental abilities and your intuition. The beautiful images of the angels will fill your aura with their healing powers.

Features of the app:

  • Message of the day
  • Past, present, future to read in tarot
  • Choose from 3 different interpretations
  • You can interpret the full meaning of each card
  • The angel is giving you an interpretation
  • The angel is providing an interpretation for another person
  • Some examples of the formulation of the questions
  • Provide interpretations at any time and anywhere on your portable device