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All details about The Planchette

Pythagoras in the year 540 BC used a medium similar to the current Ouija, in which a table that moved with wheels towards signs that the philosopher and one of his students interpreted all present as revelations of the world beyond.

The Ouija is the most used method and the best known to contact the spirits, however, this communication system is the most discredited due to the informal use that is being given, since it is taken as if it were a game superficial. When used with high spiritual intentions you should not fear to fear.

This does not mean that it is a simple phenomenon as it may seem from the explanations given. In reality it is a system of communication with the subconscious whose information and forms of elaboration of answers has nothing to do with our mind so subject to mistakes.

There is, however, a situation that we must make very clear, and that is that our deep self, our subconscious receives information from others, and if we take into account the scientific demonstrations of the survival of the transcendent self after physical death we cannot leave aside, the possibility of states of relaxation aimed at obtaining information or messages, these can be suggested or directed by other forces that would act on us. These are not frequent events, they are very rare, but they cannot be ruled out in the experimentation that concerns you “.

Participants must dispense with fears or phobias towards disembodied spirits and remain totally relaxed. When the Ouija is practiced under the influence of alcohol or any drug can result in unpleasant effects and results.

The first moments of the morning or night are best to practice with the Ouija board, since it is the hour in which disembodied spirits come more often to the table, because the hours of more light create interferences.

A question should be asked at the beginning of each session such as: is there anyone here? Or if there is someone here who manifests? For example, and then when the “spirit” answers YES by moving the glass towards the letters that correspond to the answer, you can continue to ask: what is your name? … In addition, you should take note of the answers to have background in other sessions in case that the same spiritual entity is present. The questions should be more focused on the spiritual or as advice to alleviate the moral or psychic suffering than the material, since the spirits have a great capacity to help in this regard. The mediums online are very much visible.

The experts in this issue of the Ouija table advises that the sessions be carried out during the full moon phase, since the communications are more clear, although this does not mean that the practice can lead us to obtain dangerous results. It is also recommended to create a suitable environment in the place where the session is going to take place, such as burning incense sticks, putting a bunch of flowers, lighting a candle and ensuring that there is a very soft light. To start the Ouija session on the right track, you should join hands as in the case of the séance and sing a mantra.