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Brief concept on The Clarividencia

Clairvoyance It comes from the French “Clair” for transparent and “voyant” to see, at the end of the seventeenth century. It happens to be distinct as a form of further sensory awareness, where a person use to be able to observe remote objects, people or events within a given moment. In general, the data comes to the clairvoyant in the form of images, although it can also be auditory. It is when a subject that feels it perceives in a paranormal way things, persons or events in the present moment and without there being any external psychic agent. Perceive hidden things to the common look, or know what is happening to someone who is far away. It is a form of further sensory awareness a little less common than Telepathy and, therefore, less investigated.


Most of the time, clairvoyance occurs spontaneously and intermittently, without the possibility of reproducing continuously and at the will of the subject who experiences it. Except in very special cases and, according to the occult statements, it is possible to cultivate it. Despite this, the examples of clairvoyance found in the sacred and historical texts are numerous, as is the case of the visions of the saints and mystics. Many of the clairvoyant prodigies can happen during sleep. The person sees the events that are going to happen very clearly. Telepathy as a phenomenon, implies an understanding of events or situations, past or future, regardless of the cultural background and the reasoning of the individual in which it occurs. It could be said that the capture involves communication with a plane other than the physical, or it is another dimension of consciousness. The term Clarividencia has relatins with clairvoyants reading. 

Scholars indicate about clairvoyance that: under the effect of a serious event occurring to one of your peers, your psychic state can be modified and more or less clearly reflect that event. Powered by the arrival of vibrations from the person in question, your psychic organism will suffer a resonance whose expression, according to the greater or lesser clairvoyant aptitude, must be an intuitive sensation , etc.

Everything that interests us, be it in thought, or in the actions of another, can surely be perceived at a distance by your intellect, if you know how to place yourself in the state of receptivity required, that state sought by those who dedicate themselves to contemplating A crystal ball. The power of clairvoyance happens to indicate a loose connection between the significant body and the desire body. At the time of the epochs of the history of the land, in which all the men used to be involuntary clairvoyants , this loose connection was what made them so. Since that time the vital body has been joining more firmly with the dense body in most people, but in the most sensitive it is loose.

Both telepathy and clairvoyance are rungs in the evolutionary scale of man, and if today they are proprietary of a minority, tomorrow they will be present in the generality of people. It is necessary to remember that nature effects its changes and mutations through patient and slow trials, until it establishes the mechanisms and appropriate channels for the imposition of change. In every clairvoyant, the individual is able to perceive the invisible planes and see things in them that are not perceived by those who are not clairvoyant. But no one can function on these higher planes, unless he has obtained liberation from his body. This ability to function on the inner planes is something that develops naturally, as the individual strives to live spiritual, that is, consecrated to God. It rarely comes in its fullness, but usually begins with moments of awareness during the hours of sleep.